E.A.T Company holds a firm belief in the transformative nature of theatre. We are committed to our mission to "Collaborate, communicate, educate and inspire." 

To uphold this we have developed a programme to take into schools and universities, to allow access to the professional level of training available with E.A.T Company, and share our values that theatre is a community, a safe space of expression and creativity. Through working with children, young people and adults since 2014, we have developed 3 modules to offer to schools and universities across the South West.

These three, two hour, modules can be booked individually, or you can choose a combination of the three. The ultimate option being a full day. Six hours of work on the actor's mind, body and voice.

Our sister company Elvin Acting also offer a wide range of tuition for all ages and abilities. See for more information on how you can attain excellence in your performance training.

Mental Health Module

2 hours

This two hour session focuses on how powerful our thoughts and mental well-being can be. Through mindfulness techniques, yoga and release exercises, students are shown how a relaxed and calm state of mind can help creativity flourish and aid us in accessing new ideas and thought processes. 

Devising Physical Theatre

2 hours

Physical theatre is a key component of most major contemporary works. As a performer, it is essential to have a good working knowledge of the body and how it can be used to communicate a variety of states, both physical and mental. 

This session will look at how to devise and develop physical motifs around a theme or subject matter. Text will also be incorporated in this work. 

Accessing Classical Text

2 hours

Classical text can appear daunting and dull to many. This workshop will aim to provide access to the most complex of text and give you a way to bring it to life as a performer. Being comfortable with classical text can aid actors in their interpretation of contemporary work, as the acknowledgment of imagery, rhythm and punctuation is essential across all texts. 




More information

How much do the modules cost?

The three modules (Mind, Body, Voice) can be booked individually or as a package. The prices are as follows: One Module (two hour session) - £300 Two Modules (four hour session) - £580 Three Modules (six hour session) - £825 Full capacity for these workshops is 30 students.

How many students can take part in the Modules?

Maximum capacity per module is 30 students at one time.

Does the same teacher take all three modules?

No, we have different, specialist practitioners for the three modules. This means if you have lots of students wishing to take part, you can put the classes on rotation so different groups of students can be with different practitioners at different times.

Can I book two modules?

Yes, you can book the three modules (Mind, Body, Voice) in any combination you wish.

What age group are these modules suitable for?

The modules are adapted to the age group we are working with at the time. We have a starting age of year 5 (9-10 years old) and no upper age limit.

How do I book?

You can contact us via: Email: Phone: 07854527105