Elvin Acting Theatre Company is very much interested in creating discussion around the subjects our work cover. Inspired by after show discussions we had with our audiences during our debut season at the beginning of July 2018, we decided to start a blog to include more people in these discussions and gain more insight into the minds of our audiences and what they would like to see on stage.

You can be part of our blog community by becoming a member. Your contributions really count, and your feedback will be heard. We will discuss all things theatre; advice, things we have learnt, information on our actors, as well as diving into the important social conversations identified in our productions. The odd funny backstage story may creep in too...

Please keep in mind this is an open forum, and respect is our number one priority. We may not all agree all the time, and healthy debate is encouraged, but please draw the line at foul language and personal remarks.

Welcome and we hope you have a lovely time with us!


Thanks y'all!!

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