And the winner is...…..

William W. Jesmond de Clermont with Call of the Void. This is the first play William has written

and shortly after finishing it he submitted it to us in August 2018. Six months later, his play was

announced the winner of The Bristol Playwright Festival 2018.

Call of the Void will now be produced by E.A.T Company any debuted at The Edinburgh

Fringe Festival 2019.

Casting for this production is now complete:



Your play could be next!


What it is?


The Bristol Short Play Festival is a opportunity for  playwrights in the South-West of England to submit their work and compete for the opportunity of it being professionally produced and performed by Bristol based E.A.T Company. 


Why do it?


E.A.T Company believes there is a lot of undiscovered talent in the South-West. We are constantly being blown away by the performers, stage managers and directors we are discovering and we want to extend this to writers. Collaborating with other local artists, we can bring awareness and a literal platform to stories that need a stage.


What kind of plays do you want?


This year, we are adjusting our brief to take in short plays. (Thirty minute running time maximum) As a company our mission is to Collaborate, Communicate, Educate and Inspire. We are interested in developing work in it's infancy which has something to tell us about our world, within or beyond our UK borders. We are interested in stories we don’t hear very often and twists on stories we do. Comedy, tragedy, contemporary, period, stylised or naturalistic, we don’t mind, surprise us. We encourage writing from all levels of experience and writers of all backgrounds.

All plays must be unpublished work.


How will the festival work?


  • We will be taking submissions of plays from the 1st July 2019.

  • Submissions will close on October 30th 2019.


Once all submissions have been collected they will be read and a shortlist on ten short plays will be created. November 2019 will see interviews held with the writers of these short plays to pitch us their piece. The will be invited to The Bristol Old Vic, where in-front of a panel from within E.A.T Company and the surrounding industry, you will get the opportunity to tell us how you developed your short play and your vision for it's future.


Five short plays will then be selected for a public showcase at Bristol Old Vic's Studio Theatre in the new year of 2020!

One short play will then be selected to be a part of our Summer Rep Season in Bristol alongside our productions of A Girls Guide to Saving the World and winner of the 2019 Bristol Playwright Festival, "Void"


I’m not a writer, but can I still be involved?


Yes, once we have our five shortlisted plays, we will need to cast the excerpts for the gala evening. We will be holding auditions for the roles we cannot fill with current E.A.T members. Keep an eye on our social media for this announcement in November 2019.


There will also be workshops and events throughout the day itself from writers and directors focusing on how you can get started in this line of work and how you can bring text to life as an actor. You can take part in as many or as few workshops as you like and join us for the big event in the evening.


How much does it cost?


We are really hoping to keep this festival open to all, and so we are aiming to keep costs as low as possible for everyone involved.


Play submissions will be charged at £3 per play. 


The gala evening performance will be charged at £9 General Admission and £8 Student Concession.


If I’m chosen, who will be directing/producing/stage managing/acting in my play?


The team working on your production will be made up of E.A.T Company members. We hold auditions/interviews annually for new company members and we are very passionate about new talent regardless of training. Some actors are veterans of the boards and some, this may be their first professional production. All however, train together to keep their stage skills sharp, support each other as a company, are South-West linked, extraordinarily talented and darn lovely people who are a pleasure to work with. This is a priority for us in our audition process, so your show is in safe hands.


What happens to my play once E.A.T have performed it?


It is yours to do with what you will. This will give your piece an incredible platform, to be shown in front of public, paying audiences. Performed and developed with you in a rehearsal room of the most hard working theatre makers you will ever meet. There could be a future with E.A.T Company for more development, however, you can take your play wherever you wish.

Entry for 2019 isn't open yet you eager beavers!! Get writing and you can submit from 1st July 2019.