E.A.T Company is a working Rep Company. This means we are dedicated to the training and development of our actors. Monthly workshop days with industry professionals are available for our company and they will now be opening to the public. This means you will have the opportunity to train with E.A.T.

Training days will be held in Bristol and will cover all the essentials to keep an actor sharp across voice, movement and text. We will also offer talks from those in different positions of the theatre industry, such as casting, directing and producing, so you can be as well informed as possible on your artistic journey.

We believe our actors should continue their training and development throughout their careers and opportunities to meet and work with others within the theatrical circuit should be encouraged.

Keep your eye on our Blog and Social Media for announcements of upcoming training days. Current opportunities are detailed below.

Once you book, an email detailing what you will need to bring, prepare, wear etc will be sent to you.

Please also note that places on the workshops are non-refundable once purchased.